Lindsay and Pete

“Our wedding day was simply more perfect than we could ever have imagined… everything went to plan and we loved every single tiny moment and will treasure the memories for a lifetime! Thank you so very much for your special part in our adventure… all your support for my Mum and I beforehand and the smooth running of the whole day really was so amazing!” 

Oasis Events

“Thank you for the help you gave on every level: being so positive, seeing the little things through, reminding me of things, being willing and able to liaise with anyone from client to suppliers with warmth and respect, and for doing the early shift without a word of a moan….”

Chelsea and Justin

“The more we think about it, the more we are sure we couldn’t have done it without you. We feel that you gave us the service that our venue were unable to provide, organised, friendly and attentive throughout”

Emily and Joe

“Thank you so much for everything, we definitely couldn’t have done it without you. You are the perfect mixture of calming and fun; so many people commented how great you were. 

Believe it or not, despite a rather panicked attempt to drag a pile of cheese off the dance floor, that was the most relaxed we have seen our family at any event…ever! That was purely your influence and we trusted you entirely with our day – it couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Julia Sibun

Faye was totally professional, calm and intuitive of my client’s expectations.  Faye handled the management of numerous suppliers with ease, care and diplomacy. At all times I felt extremely confident to have Faye representing my Company, and being responsible for my client’s enjoyment on their special, celebratory days. My clients could not have been more delighted and pleased with Faye’s professionalism and dedication to the jobs on the day

Kiki and Nick

 “Faye’s passion for her work knows no bounds. She approaches all projects with a tenacity, dedication and positive energy that inspires others and ensures a consistent level of excellence. As the project manager onsite for my wedding in May 2016, her attention to detail and commitment was invaluable. Faye goes the extra mile and always with a ton of good will and warmth. Brimming with ideas and a can-do approach – I would highly recommend Faye to any potential employer or client.”

Fiona Perry

“Huge enormous thanks for all your help, It’s been such a weight off my mind knowing that you were there to support me. You are absolutely wonderful, calm, considerate, highly organised, efficient and  professional, multi talented – able to turn your hand to anything that I threw in your general direction
 I can’t recommend your services highly enough” 

A happy couple

“Faye is a dream to work with, she’s calm, confident and beyond hard working. Nothing is too much to ask and she really eliminated any element of stress in the build up to the wedding as well as on the day itself. She put the guests at ease with her friendly, professional manner and I felt so safe in her hands. She made sure everything ran smoothly and we were all blissfully unaware of any hiccups. I couldn’t recommend Faye highly enough, a delight from start to finish.”

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