Happiness is…

creating memorable spaces

for memorable moments

Nothing beats the feeling: the event is over, the last ember in the fire-pit is out and the buzz of the occasion is slowly drawing to a close… Everything went smoothly, any wrinkles in the plan were ironed out and everybody had a great time. I love nothing more than ensuring this is the case for my clients and seeing the resulting happiness on their faces. That is why in 2017, after 11 years in the industry, Faye Elizabeth Event Services was born. With a 1st class honours degree in Event Management from UKCEM, experience of working events at all levels and a little black book of top-notch suppliers and venues, I am able to offer tailored, flexible event support to make sure your special day is just what you dreamed of.



I realise that many people enjoy having the freedom to plan their own ‘DIY’ wedding. I can support you fully in doing so… And as an affordable wedding planner/coordinator I do so without breaking your wedding budget! My offer to you:

In the planning stage…I can be on hand as an event consultant: recommending dependable suppliers who suit your vision of the event from my wide network of contacts, making sure the plan is foolproof and answering any questions you may have, from ‘how to organise a seating plan?’ to ‘how to write wedding vows?’

In the lead-up to the event… When you still have to go to work, squeeze in multiple beauty appointments and entertain guests who decided to make it a long break in the Cotswolds… I will be there: making sure the suppliers are happy and everything is in place so you can relax and soak up the excitement.

On the day wedding coordinationMy role involves working with your chosen venue by slotting in as an extension to their team for the day, allowing them to provide food, drinks and hospitality services while I look after family and friends, helping the groomsmen with buttonholes and making sure the mother of the bride has some tissues. I’ll be easily identifiable as the one attached to a clipboard (just call me Monica), on hand to make sure everything happens when it’s supposed to and that the inevitable hiccups are quickly dealt with before anyone even has time to notice! If you choose to have a church wedding I can be the one to liaise with the church wardens and to make sure the music is ready for when you take those precious steps down the aisle. In the kind words of Mr and Mrs H, I’ll be ‘organised, friendly and attentive throughout’.

As well as this full service, I am happy to be involved in just the planning or just the execution of your wedding.

If you’re not after any wedding day help but you’re interested in some extra guidance regarding wedding preparations, be it about supplier and venue sourcing, wedding decoration hire, marquee dressing, lighting equipment hire and installation (the list goes on)… I can simply be involved in the pre-wedding stages. Equally, for those of you who have taken the organisation reigns and planned everything down to a tee, it can be very helpful and reassuring to have someone there on the day with sole responsibility for bringing all of your careful planning to fruition. That way you can focus on catching up with guests who have travelled from far and wide and savouring those priceless wedding day moments with your newlywed… Certainly not something you want to miss!


The description of what I can offer above certainly doesn’t only apply to weddings. If you’re planning any event, be it for a landmark birthday, the funeral of a loved one, or a christening for the newest family member, I am able to tailor my services to the occasion and show sensitivity to the event type. From being your party planner from start to finish to helping out with things as simple as taking the cling film off the sandwiches for when you arrive home after the church… My presence means everything, big and small, will be taken care of. If a themed party is what you’re after I have previous experience in venue design and love getting creative, turning your crazy and fun ideas into reality!


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