The Wedding Night

We all know what we are thinking, there is a sense of expectation and trepidation. No matter if it’s the first time or the hundredth we all know we what we are talking about? 

Getting naked….

Have you been to your final fitting yet? As a bride you are going to have to take the time to get to know your dress, how to get into it, how to use the loo whilst you’re in it and of course, how to get out of it. (What did you think I was talking about?) 

Now your partner is wonderful, that’s why you just married them, but they have probably not even seen your dress and so you will have to be helpful when it comes to the moment that you need to be released. So, if they have helped you out of a dress before or not – this one is going to be a tad more complicated. Take the time in your final fitting to ask exactly what needs to be done to protect your dress from damage and to make sure that it can be packed away beautifully as the memory it should be. Some button dresses can be made much easier to undo with a crochet eye hook, so pop one in your overnight bag as a bit of forward planning. Help your lovely partner by standing with your back to a mirror so you can help them by looking over your shoulder. 

Letting your hair down…

Now depending on the style of your dress – you’ll probably want to de robe so you have full use of your arms for this one. You’ll probably have removed your veil for the evening and so at least thats one hurdle you won’t have to jump. But bridal hair is quite the undertaking so – pop some little boxes in your overnight luggage to collect all the bobby pins and sparkles. Also, if like many brides you are wearing a beautiful comb or tiara – make sure you have somewhere to pack it away safely so it won’t be damaged in the bottom of your bag. 

Popping your cork….

Ladies – get your minds out of the gutter! I am talking about making sure that there is something nice for you and your partner to have a little sip of when you are finally back at your hotel. It will be the first time you’ll really get to take the whole day in. You can always add this little job to the Best Man’s duties, he’ll be in best place as he’ll be arranging payment and potentially decorating the room for the groom so he can pop your perfect tipple and snacks in the room too. 

The morning after the night before…. 

Remember, you’ll have some intense packing going on. The Wedding suits and dresses, shoes and accessories, which you’ll want a member of the bridal party to collect for you. You’ll have your overnight bag – that may now be becoming your hand luggage and your honeymoon bags. It’s well worth being super organised and packing all the bags well in advance. Passports, phone chargers and currency are all super easy to leave on kitchen worktops.  

Practical Tips: 

Ask a trusted individual (or a few – this is what the bridal party are for):

  1. To collect your paperwork from the ceremony and look after it until you are back
  2. To collect the top tier of your cake and safe guard your bouquet (think about what you want to do with this after, tips coming soon!)
  3. To settle the hotel bill and collect the luggage you are not taking on honeymoon. 
  4. To take orders of service and any disposable cameras
  5. To collect the guest book and anything else needing to be retrieved from the venue e.g. flowers, cake, decorations.

Impractical  Tips: 

You didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging did you?!

Places to stay – https://www.mrandmrssmith.com/

Drinks ideas – https://thesuffolkarmscheltenham.co.uk/suffolk-on-your-doorstep/ols/products/suffolk-signatures-cocktails-at-home 

Lingerie inspiration – https://www.agentprovocateur.com/

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