Best Men in Waiting

I am only sharing this as I feel like we are friends, and I am hoping that you won’t judge him too harshly – but my Husband’s favourite ever wedding joke is: 

We’ll guys its been an emotional day …. even the cake is in tiers….. 

(this joke has NOT aged well!)

Yes I am married to him, and yes I love almost everything about him. But as you know we had our very own micro wedding and so I am yet to see Adam bust out his speech on a room full. And that got me thinking, what is the implication of a smaller guest list? Or a second celebration? Are you having a Best Man, and Bridesmaids? Can the Father of The Bride be there? 

and that leaves you with how to mark THAT moment without having a crowded room and speeches.

Write a letter. 

If you were due to speak at the big day and now the day is smaller, why not write the lovely couple a letter that includes some of the highlights of the speech you would have given so they get to have a special moment reading it but you don’t feel like you’ll be repeating it when you come to the celebration. 

Here are my two favourite words for when you put pen to paper in 2021

Diplomacy & Thoughtfulness

Imagine for a moment what the couple have had to do when reducing their guest list, and the potential minefield for passing on that news. So choose to be even more diplomatic. You won’t have the atmosphere of the room to help give your words tone. So planning is essential. Think more about the couple who chose you to be part of their special day and write them a ‘love’ letter. Focus on what you know about them, and their story. If you described them to me – how would you tell me their story and then tell them. 

In a world without hugs, be thoughtful. Despite the current restrictions Weddings are wonderful, but this year they may be tinged with a little bit of sadness too. So, no cheap shots at the Groom,  don’t mention past relationships or rocky patches. Remind them that you will all be together soon, tell them to cherish this special day and don’t forget to mention how much you’ll want to hear all about it. 

But I always want to be positive, we WILL have big days again, and when they come they will be epic and everyone must be on form, especially for those couples who have postponed 1,2 or 3 times….

So lets get focus on the Day – Here are my top ten Big Day Tips (many of which are still relevant for a small day): 

  1. Make sure your Groom take’s his phone out of his pocket before the photos
  2. Remember to have the money for the Staff and Band (or other cash payments required)
  3. Rings – Obviously (but you’d be amazed!)
  4. Book the car to take the couple to their wedding night stay
  5. Check their Flight Details (that’s right, one day we will be heading off for exotic honeymoons again!)
  6. Get the Ushers and Groom to the venue 45 mins before the service 
  7. Make sure everyone is suited and booted 
  8. Check the venue/church and make sure the order of services are set 
  9. Go outside and meet the guests – be confident!
  10. Have anything your groom might need, tissues, paracetamol, inhaler – make your own list. 

And now the exciting bit – my top ten groomsmen shopping tips 

The Suits: Garry Andrew or Slaters (Adam and Will’s suits photographed are Slaters)

The Jewellery: Holly Robinson Jewellery

Gifts and mementos : ThimblesnObjectDart

The Flowers : Blooms By Charlotte

Commemorative Socks : Super Socks

Entertainment: Gloucestershire Magician

Accommodation : Mr and Mrs Smith

Breakfast : Curious Cafe

Sunday Lunch : The Larder Restaurant

Overnight: Thyme

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