Have you lost that loving feeling?

This month as you know I have been speaking to my brides and grooms, again, discussing what the new lockdown means for a 2021 wedding.  After weeks of looking forward to a New Year, the strange first week of January has offered lots more questions rather than answers (and I am still planning on having another ‘New Years Eve’ when we can celebrate a turning point in this madness)

Don’t lose hope!

I know that you are not going to have the final fitting of your dress with your bridesmaids this month, and the stag or hen do on zoom is not what you were hoping for – but more than ever where there is a will there is a way – and the Events community is full of wills and ways. 

In all my years helping lovely couples meet at the aisle I have found that some things never change. When your eyes meet – its wonderful. No matter who can be in the room to see it, you’ll always have the moment you committed your life to each other and that glow never fades. So with that moment in mind – lets deal with some practical things… 


The Dress – you can still have the dress, it might end up being a last minute fitting and maybe with someone different that initially planned – I have lots of fabulous people I can introduce you and if not, you mustn’t feel that bespoke is your only option. If you are ‘marrying now and partying later’ then you can finally justify two outfits – take a leaf out of Laura Whitmore’s book and go for the white tux!

The Venue – It’s going to be harder to visualise your day, so I urge you to put your phone down and don’t panic buy anything you can Prime in the hope of creating a more intimate space for a revised day. Instead, have virtual meetings with your venue, florist, stylist – they want you to have the perfect day – so let them tell you what they can do or advise on other suppliers who can make things happen. I know from personal experience, sharing the load of a tough decision works nothing short of miracles. They know the space and they will have ideas and options. Also, you never know what suppliers might have up their sleeve – for example, I can hire out an abundance of glass vases but I don’t advertise it!

The Wedding Breakfast – Welcome to the tribe of wonderful people I call my family. The Events sector knows how you feel and the catering peeps are some of the most ingenious minds about. They have been pivoting month on month from the micro wedding breakfast – to the most glamorous packed treats – these guys will have solutions that will not only delight your guests, they will create memories you never even realised you wanted. And if you can’t get to a pub or cafe, ask your caterer if they can put together a hamper for you for the evening before the wedding or for your ushers/bridesmaids breakfast.


The Ceremony – Saved this one till last because it’s the breaking news! Your ceremony can be exactly what you want it to be, legal, traditional or totally you. It’s becoming increasingly popular to separate the ceremony and the reception (largely because of the government restrictions) but those who are going for it, are really enjoying the intimacy of a small ceremony. Just get married as soon as you can, with however many guests that you can, and then plan the day of your dreams and have the ceremony that’s perfectly and unapologetically you. If only I could recommend a good celebrant, oh wait ….

So in a rather more exciting announcement than Happy New Year – I am delighted to invite you to my latest venture. Wedding Talk Wednesdays. A live chat on Instagram that will get us all looking an options, rather than staring at your invitations trying to motivate yourself to plan wedding 2.0 (or 3.0 or 4.0 or……) 

Every Wednesday I would like you to set aside an hour and a Gin & Tonic (dry January is highly discouraged but we will not judge). The first 20 mins we’ll chat online about well – anything and everything – and then I’d love you to give yourself 40 mins of planning time. At the end of the hour send me any thoughts, questions, or rants – and I’ll get an answer for the following week.

Submit your questions on ASK ME ANYTHING

If I led you to believe I had the magic door out of the pandemic then I am sorry – there isn’t one, but at least this year we have HOPE. I do want to spend a night a week being excited, being positive and having fun. There is no perfect day… but there is the perfect match, a perfect union and the perfect words. And the pandemic can not take any of those away.

So from me to you – fancy a date? See you on Wednesday 

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