Inside a 2020 wedding

When I first spoke to Jess and Theo, I thought we would have something in common as 2020 newly weds. None of us could’ve expected that we would become part of the ‘Micro Covid wedding club’. Whether you have planned your own wedding yet or not, we are all familiar with the various elements that take so much though finding the perfect venue, the most loved guests, the long dreamed of dress, the perfect floral accompaniment and from the moment the engagement is announced that little dream is crafted over months of millions of small decisions. So to be told that you now have to scale that back, to even begin to think who you might ask not to attend is nothing short of a heartbreaking, let alone considering what you are and aren’t willing to compromise on.

Faced with the option to postpone or scale back, this beautiful couple demonstrated what the union is all about. They worked together to keep what had always been a low key day, small but perfectly formed. Limited to 30 guests, their venue became as important as each of those people. Theo, having been instrumental in the funding for the renovation of the beautiful Lady Chapel at Gloucester Cathedral, It was the only real option for the couples wedding (and a huge honour for me). It is a fabulous building steeped in history, my personal favourite fact is that is was used as the great hall in two of the Harry Potter films, but the adult in me thinks that I should mention the foundations of the present church were laid in 1072, and it is a magical example Gothic architecture. This stunning building made quite the backdrop to the relaxed and pared back wedding. 

Now with just 30 guests, Jess and Theo simply needed me to bring their ideas to life. Caterers had be stood down, suppliers cancelled and like swans, Theo and Jess finalised their plans without an ounce of panic (or so it looked!), just so thrilled that they could get married. The team, although greatly reduced, was still a tour de force. Local and fabulous the videography was done by notable photographer Robin from the Bullit Photography, and the photography was done by the utterly wonderful James from Fear Photography.  The time after their ceremony was spent running around the cloisters with James snapping the most natural photos as Jess’ amazing smile didn’t falter! Perhaps much more fun than having to entertain guests at a reception!

This was no ordinary wedding, our wonderful bride arrived bundled into the back of her work Earls and Co. red transit van, and with all her guests seated (safely distanced) I found myself with the most wonderful extra role… Jess very sweetly asked if I would step in and ‘fluff’ her dress. It was the most intimate quiet moment. One that in normal circumstances might have been with a family member or dearest friend. But there we stood, sisters of the 2020 wedding club, quietly internally high-fiving each other in solidarity that this was finally happening! It was their perfect day and a definite highlight of my career. 

On the face of it, 2020 might seem to have taken a lot from this exceptional Bride and Groom but their bravery, strength and patience pulled them through and their day felt so special. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to share this day and I can’t wait to work again with Jess as her local business continues to thrive.

I am delighted to leave this review for Faye Elizabeth Event Services. We recently got married at Gloucester Cathedral in the middle of a global pandemic! Faye’s knowledge and expertise helped us make plans for all eventualities; to say she is a consummate professional wouldn’t be an over-statement. But what makes Faye’s service so exceptional is her personal approach. Her emotional and social awareness is second to none. She picked up on all of the emotions of the day and acted accordingly to them all which made us feel like we had someone in our corner all day, pre-empting our every need. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Faye and I’ll certainly enlist her services again for any future events I may have with my small business. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Faye. Jess & Theo

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